Session 1

This sesssion starts at 10:30 and ends at 12:46.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
10:30Adam PolakJagiellonian UniversityFixed parameter tractability of non-preemptive multicoloring
10:47Marcin KrzywkowskiUniversity of Johannesburg, South AfricaAn algorithm for listing all minimal double dominating sets of a tree
11:04Andrzej GrzesikJagiellonian UniversityFinitely forcible limits of graphs and permutations
11:21Hanna FurmańczykUniversity of GdańskEquitable total coloring of corona of cubic graphs
11:38Andres AristizabalUniversity of WrocławDeriving Labels and Bisimilarity for Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming
11:55Maciej BendkowskiJagiellonian UniversityAsymptotic properties of combinatory logic
12:12Mikołaj BojańczykUniversity of WarsawTransducers
12:29Anna BryniarskaOpole UniversityThe t-norm valuation-based system for the database attributes configuration in the Dempster-Shafer’s theory.

Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej 2015