Session 6

This sesssion starts at 16:35 and ends at 19:08.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
16:35Dariusz LeniowskiUniversity of WarsawOnline bipartite matching in offline time
16:52Łukasz KowalikUniversity of WarsawA 13k-kernel for Planar Feedback Vertex Set via Region Decomposition
17:09Karol KosińskiJagiellonian UniversityThe game of overlaps
17:26Hans de NivelleUniversity of WroclawMatching Algorithms
17:43Magdalena RyczkowskaNicolaus Copernicus UniversityDesign and selected applications of the PCJ Library. Joint talk with Łukasz Górski
18:00Jarosław Dudaaffiliation not declaredAsymmetric Numeral Systems as accurate replacement for Huffman coding
18:17Jolanta TańculaUniwersytet OpolskiStability of computer network for the set delay
18:34Bartosz RybickiUniwersytet WrocławskiAn Improved Approximation for k-Median, and Positive Correlation in Budgeted Optimization
18:51Jakub MichaliszynUniversity of WrocławModel checking and interval temporal logics

Forum Informatyki Teoretycznej 2015