All contributed talks

Session 1. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-30 10:30.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
10:30Adam PolakJagiellonian UniversityFixed parameter tractability of non-preemptive multicoloring
10:47Marcin KrzywkowskiUniversity of Johannesburg, South AfricaAn algorithm for listing all minimal double dominating sets of a tree
11:04Andrzej GrzesikJagiellonian UniversityFinitely forcible limits of graphs and permutations
11:21Hanna FurmańczykUniversity of GdańskEquitable total coloring of corona of cubic graphs
11:38Andres AristizabalUniversity of WrocławDeriving Labels and Bisimilarity for Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming
11:55Maciej BendkowskiJagiellonian UniversityAsymptotic properties of combinatory logic
12:12Mikołaj BojańczykUniversity of WarsawTransducers
12:29Anna BryniarskaOpole UniversityThe t-norm valuation-based system for the database attributes configuration in the Dempster-Shafer’s theory.
Session 2. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-30 14:55.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
14:55Stefan DziembowskiUniversity of WarsawWhy the cryptographic currencies need a solid theory?
15:12Maciej ObremskiUniversity of WarsawNon-Malleable Reductions and their Applications
15:29Marcin DziubińskiInstitute of Informatics, University of WarsawIndividual Security and Network Design
15:46Michał KarpińskiUniversity of Wrocław Smaller Selection Network for Encoding Cardinality Constraints.
Session 3. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-30 16:35.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
16:35Wojciech CzerwińskiUniversity of WarsawSeparability problem
16:52Tomasz GogaczUniwersytet WrocławskiUndecidability of determinacy of conjunctive queries.
17:09Aleksandra Kiślak-MalinowskaUniversity of Warmia and MazuryTupled pregroup grammars enjoy semantics.
17:26Grzegorz GutowskiJagiellonian UniversityAvoiding Facial Repetitions
17:43Bartłomiej BosekUniwersytet JagiellońskiHarmonious Coloring of Hypergraphs
18:00Tomasz DzidoInstitute of Informatics, University of GdańskOn a local similarity of graphs.
18:17Krzysztof SornatUniversity of WrocławPTAS for Minimax Approval Voting
18:34Maciej PacutUniwersytet WrocławskiData Locality and Replica Aware Virtual Cluster Embeddings.
18:51Piotr SankowskiUniversity of WarsawAlgorithmic Applications of Baur-Strassen's Theorem: Shortest Cycles, Diameter and Matchings
Session 4. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-31 10:30.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
10:30Jakub ŁąckiUniversity of WarsawOptimal Decremental Connectivity in Planar Graphs
10:47Anna ZychUniversity of WarsawThe Power of Dynamic Distance Oracles: Efficient Dynamic Algorithms for the Steiner Tree
11:04Arkadiusz SocałaUniversity of WarsawTight lower bound for the channel assignment problem.
11:21Krzysztof RzadcaInstitute of Informatics, University of WarsawPartition with side effect
11:38Klara ZielińskaUniversity of WrocławTypes by automata
11:55Filip MurlakUniversity of WarsawConsistency of Injective Tree Patterns
12:12Aleksy SchubertInstitute of Informatics, University of WarsawOn the Mints Hierarchy in First-Order Intuitionistic Logic
12:29Jerzy TyszkiewiczInstitute of Informatics, University of WarsawSpreadsheets - theoretically
Session 5. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-31 14:55.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
14:55Piotr WitkowskiUniversity of WrocławTwo-variable logic with counting and linear orders.
15:12Adam WitkowskiUniversity of WarsawDatalog and data trees.
15:29Maciej ZielenkiewiczUniversity of WarsawOn multiply-exponential write-once Turing machines
15:46Szymon ToruńczykUniversity of Warsaw Orbit-finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Session 6. The sesssion starts at 2015-01-31 16:35.
TimeNameAffiliationTalk title
16:35Dariusz LeniowskiUniversity of WarsawOnline bipartite matching in offline time
16:52Łukasz KowalikUniversity of WarsawA 13k-kernel for Planar Feedback Vertex Set via Region Decomposition
17:09Karol KosińskiJagiellonian UniversityThe game of overlaps
17:26Hans de NivelleUniversity of WroclawMatching Algorithms
17:43Magdalena RyczkowskaNicolaus Copernicus UniversityDesign and selected applications of the PCJ Library. Joint talk with Łukasz Górski
18:00Jarosław Dudaaffiliation not declaredAsymmetric Numeral Systems as accurate replacement for Huffman coding
18:17Jolanta TańculaUniwersytet OpolskiStability of computer network for the set delay
18:34Bartosz RybickiUniwersytet WrocławskiAn Improved Approximation for k-Median, and Positive Correlation in Budgeted Optimization
18:51Jakub MichaliszynUniversity of WrocławModel checking and interval temporal logics

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